We have been leaders in the field of cytology for over 20 years and indeed our laboratory’s reputation has been built on the back of this service. We continue to be dedicated providers of a rapid and reliable cytology service.

Our expertise

We take great care in sample preparation and the staining process and together with the expertise and experience of our pathologists, we believe we take cytology to its accurate interpretative limits.

Sampling procedure

For optimum results, correct sampling procedures and sample preservation is essential. Please see the sample advice and sampling sections in this website for our recommendations/guidance to help you get the best from us.

Cytology specimens demand a degree of clinical acumen and more often a degree of lateral thinking – that is why we like them! We do appreciate a good history and sometimes a chat on the phone as the devil is often in the detail.

FNAB of a perivascular wall tumour (so-called haemangiopericytoma) in a dog