Ophthalmic Pathology

Cytopath offers a high quality ophthalmic pathology service that encompasses histopathology, cytology and microbiology.

Emma Scurrell has over 15 years experience in diagnostic ophthalmic pathology and also has a keen interest in all aspects of clinical ophthalmology, something that comes in handy when trying to piece everything together. Andrew Rich has joined the team and thanks to his allied enthusiasm for the subject, is assisting Emma with the ever expanding ocular caseload. Please don't hesitate to give either of them a call if there is anything they can help you with.

Typical samples include:

  • cytology samples e.g. corneal and conjunctival scrapes, fine needle aspirates and aqueocentesis samples
  • enucleated globes, evisceration and exenteration specimens
  • orbitotomy/orbitectomy samples
  • conjunctival biopsies (this can include a goblet cell index GCI if required)
  • keratectomy specimens
  • eyelid masses and eyelid biopsies e.g. blepharitis cases.
Conjunctival melanoma in a cat