Histpathology service by experienced pathologists


Our goal is to define any histopathology identified to within the limits that light microscopy allows. In addition to routine haematoxylin and eosin preparations, we offer a spectrum of special stains and immunohistochemistry markers to expand our diagnostic armoury and our ability to maximise the information we can provide you.

We analyse all body tissue types including bone, skin and eyes. Our pathologist Emma Scurrell is a highly regarded ophthalmic pathologist and would like us to emphasise that she loves ocular cases in particular!

We take great care to record surgical margins at the ‘trimming in’ stage of tissue processing. For excisional biopsies we select our sections to incorporate the most questionable areas so that our pathologists can then direct their examination towards these and offer you more accurate prognostic information.


Squamous Cell Carcinoma


Feline B-cell

Feline B-cell gastric lymphoma as demonstrated by positive cytoplasmic staining with the antigen CD45R

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Histpathology service by experienced pathologists