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Case of the Month (Emma Scurrell February 2012)

Cutaneous angiomatosis in a dog 

The following are H&E sections of a solitary ulcerated cutaneous mass surgically resected from the neck of a 1-year-old male Labrador Retriever.

 Fig 1.  Low power magnification of the excised skin mass. Infiltrating the dermis are numerous vascular structures which are either small and resemble capillaries (black circle) or consist of larger, disorganised arterial structures (black arrows).

Fig 2. Closer view of the proliferating capillary-like structures (V= vessel lumen).


Fig 3. Closer view of the proliferating arterial-like structures (V= vessel lumen) which are found within the deeper dermis.  

Final Diagnosis

Cutaneous angiomatosis


Angiomatosis is an umbrella term used to denote various vasoproliferative lesions including vascular malformations and hyperplasia. The majority of dogs affected are young although lesions can also occur in adult/older dogs. Despite the bland cellular appearance of these lesions, they are typically locally infiltrative and progressive. Although any site can be affected, lesions most commonly occur on the feet and are often associated with bony destruction. Metastasis has not been reported however incomplete excision will result in local recurrence and additional lesions can occur.

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