Septic lens implantation syndrome in a cat

This is the enucleated right globe from a 6-year-old male entire cat submitted with a clinical history of a suspected penetrating corneal injury, anterior uveitis, ocular pain and secondary glaucoma.

Fig 1. Gross pathology image of the globe: the red arrow indicates a linear band of fibrin extending from a focal corneal scar to the lens, consistent with a penetrating injury. The black arrows delineate an area of yellow discolouration within the lens. This indicates suppurative inflammation infiltrating the lens (suppurative phakitis). Note the posterior synechiae whereby the iris is adhered to the lens.

Histopathologic examination of the globe confirmed a focal full-thickness corneal scar and an anterior lens rupture. The lens rupture was associated with suppurative phakitis and bacterial colonies were identified within the lens.

Final Diagnosis

Anterior lens rupture associated with septic (bacterial) suppurative phakitis (septic lens implantation syndrome)


Septic lens implantation syndrome is associated with a penetrating ocular injury resulting in lens rupture and intralenticular implantation of infectious agents e.g. bacteria and/or fungi.