Fine Needle Aspirate Biopsy

Fine Needle Aspirate Biopsy

Discrete, definable lesions provide best results. Oedematous, cystic, small or extremely hard or fibrous (e.g. ossified epulides, collagen naevi) lesions may not provide many or any cells.

Speed of collection and sample preparation is very important to avoid cell clotting. Samples should be prepared immediately (< 0.5 seconds) on collection.

Don’t panic about haemodilution!  Provided that you have also sampled sufficient ‘type’ cells, the presence of blood should not be considered problematic, and in some instances blood is to be expected eg haemangiomas are benign tumours of blood vessels and are hence very bloody.

Here is the fine needle aspirate biopsy technique that we recommend:


* If the negative pressure (vacuum) is not released before the needle is withdrawn from the lesion, cells will be sucked
into the barrel and the syringe and will be very difficult to recover.
The cells should remain in the shaft of the needle.

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Fine Needle Aspirate Biopsy