People Profile

Our team is dedicated to offering you a quality service. We would like to introduce you to the team members that your pathology specimens meet when they arrive at our laboratory:


Our pathologists are all experts but we believe personality counts too. We have three great characters in the form of our pathologists who work on site, care about your cases and are always happy to talk with you. Please enjoy working with them.

Emma Scurrell


BVSc, DipACVP, RCVS Specialist in Veterinary Pathology, MRCVS

Emma is a South African of British heritage and graduated from Onderstepoort in South Africa in 2001. She spent considerable time in clinical practice and completed a clinical internship before qualifying as a pathologist via a residency at the Royal Veterinary College in 2008. Consequently, she can chat through cases with clients from both a practical and pathological perspective. Emma joined Cytopath in 2009 and is passionate about all diagnostic cytology and histopathology, with a particular interest in ophthalmic pathology. You will discover that Emma is extremely enthusiastic and always happy to help when it comes to your clinical cases.


Michael Rozmanec



Mike graduated with his BVSc from the University of Sydney, Australia, in 1994 before joining the RSPCA as a small animal veterinarian. In 1996 he entered an internship and masters progam in veterinary pathology at the University of Queensland, Australia. By 1998-9 he had completed his Masters Thesis involving immunocytochemical applications to veterinary cytology, became a Member of the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists and began working in a private veterinary diagnostic laboratory (clinical pathology). He was awarded the Jim Sutherland Memorial Scholarship by IDEXX Laboratories in 2003 and travelled to Cornell University, NY, USA to undertake a Residency in Veterinary Anatomic Pathology. Returning to Australia, he became a Diplomat of the American College of Veterinary Pathology (Anatomic Pathology) in 2006. He moved to the UK in 2011 with his wife (a veterinarian with considerable fish disease and pathology skills) and three children. Mike loves teaching pathology, has interests in cytology, surgical pathology and neuropathology but in his spare time enjoys the outdoors, skiing, photography and football.


Andrew Rich

Veterinary Pathologist


Andrew graduated with his BVSc in Veterinary Science from the University of Liverpool in 2016. In the same year, he moved to the Scottish Highlands to work as a companion/exotic animal and equine veterinary surgeon in Inverness and the Black Isle, where he developed his own first opinion exotics and post-mortem services. He completed his European-board residency in Veterinary Anatomic Pathology at the University of Liverpool in December 2020, during which time he trained in companion animal and equine pathology, forensic pathology plus exotic/zoo, wildlife and fish pathology. He became a Diplomat of the European College of Veterinary Pathologists (Dipl.ECVP) in 2021. Andrew is passionate about research and has published papers focussed on zoo/exotic animal and small/large domestic animal pathology, including the novel disease “Nectarivorous Bird Emphysematous Ingluvitis associated with Clostridium perfringens” in Loriinae birds. He looks forward to developing exotic animal pathology services and expanding the ocular pathology service with Emma at Cytopath Ltd.


Front office manager

Ellen Southall

Nat Dip in Animal Care

Ellen is the longest serving member of the Cytopath team and has seen the lab grow and change over the years. She is focused, efficient and prides herself on the quality of her work. After working for 15 years as a very experienced laboratory technician at Cytopath, she has now taken over the role as office manager and is always happy to help with any of your queries.

Laboratory Scientists

These amazing people know everything about your samples from log-in to final processing. They control the movement of your samples through the laboratory, keep the laboratory running efficiently and maintain tabs on quality control.

Helen Murphy

Laboratory manager


Helen is our laboratory manager. She has been with Cytopath for over 10 years and knows the lab inside-out. As a pet owner herself, she is acutely aware of the importance of the accuracy and timeliness of laboratory reporting and fosters that in all the staff.

Susanna Allin

Laboratory scientist and histotechnologist

BSc Joint Animal and Human biology

Mihaela Lacramioara

Laboratory scientist and histotechnologist

BSc Biology

Tomina Purcaru

Laboratory scientist and histotechnologist

Bachelor of Biotechnology Engineering & PhD in plant and animal resources engineering

Dave and Davina

The Lab Mascots

Photograph courtesy of Nigel Ord-Smith Phodography

There are of course all the behind-the-scene people whom your specimens do not meet. We cannot forget the book-keepers, accountants, IT and instrument engineers, and all of the other unsung heroes who perform their vital functions with great aplomb and effectiveness.